Mountain sports photography captures action, intensity and drama against nature’s raw canvas

It’s where adrenaline meets art.

This genre surpasses traditional sports photography, integrating audacious feats with nature’s elements, creating a captivating narrative in each frame.

My goals and photo style

Capturing the athlete’s spirit and not just action

Combining the athletic endeavor and magnificence of nature

Keep pushing limits, making each photograph a unique journey

Keep searching the unseen, using my creativity

Staying calm in the most difficult shooting environments

Maintaining excellent relationships with customers and athletes

Aiming for, achieving and delivering an excellent product for the customers

Having a high standard of quality and service and maintaining it over the time

Staying mentally flexible and physically fit

Being thankful and having fun with what I am doing

About me

I am Flavia Celia, photographer and mountaineer

Fascinated with photography since I was a little girl, it was only a question of time and opportunity until I have started a professional career in that field.

After studying medicine and biology, I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. And it was during that time that I have started to live my two dreams:

mountaineering and photography, improving my skills steadily in both fields. In 2021 I decided for the big change, studying at the Cap Photo Academy in Zurich as a professional photographer, receiving my diploma in June 2023. I am known for organized ice climbing shootings with top athletes in the european alps and Norway.
I am a photographer for all aspects of professional shootings in the mountains and mountain sports.

About my work and my philosophy

As a passionate mountain athlete, it was the most natural step to find my destiny in mountaineering photography.

I am fascinated by difficult shootings with challenging lighting conditions, great demands on the technical material as well as my physical and athletic abilities.

Climbing majestic ice falls, I have found all of that and, over the years, I learnt to deal with the most difficult conditions: night ice climbing shootings in freezing temperatures, using innovative light painting methods.

All shootings were organized and carried out independently by me. From choosing the location, the route to get there the technical material logistics, the contact with the top athletes, up to the post processing of the photographs.

I have a broad network across the core alpine areas of Europe up to northern Norway. My work philosophy is to shoot the best possible photo, regardless of the weather conditions and the circumstances.

I am constantly searching for new ideas that are truly out-of-box: the extraordinary, the unseen, the unexpected, the unforeseeable, the unthought, in a true pioneering spirit of what I do and how I do it.